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Casino history

Games were always the main entertainment method for humankind. We are not talking only about children. Grownups adapted games to their needs, playing them for real money. Although the majority of games can be played for real money, people always tried to develop some games that are designed especially for gambling. In the Ancient Rome and Egypt, soldiers were sharing their war spoils using dices or table games. If you think that gambling is a modern technique, than you are wrong. Gambling combines with the history and the modern online casinos are only a modern development of the old gambling games.

Las Vegas golden era

welcome to las vegas

Las Vegas was only a forgotten village until 1920-1930. The strategic location of the city, far from the capital cities of the surrounding states made this city the main attraction for gamblers. Furthermore, the permissive gambling laws of the Nevada state were also helpful. Casinos begun to rise, and the established gamblers all over the world realized the potential of this city. Casinos and hotels appeared, and the desert city begun to flourish. The extensive development lasted until the years 1970-1975, although there is still room for new investors. Las Vegas is also the place for unusual but successful initiatives such as the Mega Gambling Resorts.

Mega gambling resorts

Until the years 1950-1960, tourists had to check in a hotel. Then, they had to get to the other part of the city to eat in a fancy restaurant. In the night, they had to walk around to find some good casinos to gamble. The problem was solved with the invention of Gambling Resorts. Those huge parks contain everything needed for gamblers, from huge hotels and casinos to exclusive restaurants, pools, and saunas. Usually, those resorts are also attracting players with some interesting offers, such as two weeks vacations and personalized tournaments for high rolling gamblers.

Vegas casinos future

With the massive development of the online casinos, it seems like the future of Las Vegas is somehow threatened. The wise investors realized the dangers and managed to meet the new desires of gamblers. The newest trend in the online gambling niche is the live betting. This means that the player could use the personal computer to connect with the betting system of some world known Vegas Casino. The player could follow all the moves of the dealer trough web cams, placing his bets accordingly. The revolutionary system boosted the incomes of online and real casinos at the same time, and it seems like the future of gambling is once again reassured. Try this kind of gambling by yourself, and you will be convinced about the potential of this kind of gambling.