Downloadable games

For more suitable online gambling, download special software on your PC and enjoy playing casino online games.

Online casino pros

Online casinos are more advantageous because of the bonus types, variations of gambling activities and free games.

Succeed in casino

Before playing casino games, learn more about their peculiarities reading casino games guide.

Free games

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of playing free casino games.


  • Free games are great for learning. However, the online casinos have different engines for those kinds of games. Therefore, if you think you are the master of online poker just because you won 10000 free dollars, you might reconsider your approach. Almost every player gets out as a winner from the free games tables, but they end up with empty accounts after the first real money experience.
  • Free games are less demanding with the computer's resources. We are not talking about huge crashes and slow-downs of the system, but this is surely a matter to consider for the older computers. Download all the free games that you could find, and only download the games that you want to play for real money.
  • Free games are taking away from the fun of the game. Even if you are playing for dimes, you will discover that the real money experience is really something to consider. Moreover, the real money casino games could give you access to important bonuses and jackpots.


decis with cards
  1. Both free and real money games are addictive. If you know you have a gambling problem and you want to resolve it, you must not hit the tables. Even if you think you are protected because you are playing free, you will end up by making a deposit.
  2. Free casino games can be played by minors. This is a true statement. While a minor could not withdraw money from an online casino site, the free games can't be prohibited in any country, even if we are talking about a country with strict betting regulations. However, don't be too proud if your kid likes to spend the majority of his free time on free gambling sites. This is the fastest method to addiction; therefore, you must limit the time spent by your child on the casino sites.
  3. Real money casino sites are designed on different principles that the real money versions. This statement can be proven by you also. Play 10 games of free poker on a certain casino site. You will almost certainly be a winner on the overall. You will be tempted to deposit some money. Once you have the money in your account, try to play 10 real money games. You will discover that the casino will not be so rewarding, and you should lose about 5 dollars for every 100 dollars gambled. This is because the house edge is about 5 %, therefore the casino will take 5 of every 100 dollars gambled. Only the high rollers would win some serious money on casino sites, so you will need to prepare a lot of money if you want to become one of those casino gurus.