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For more suitable online gambling, download special software on your PC and enjoy playing casino online games.

Online casino pros

Online casinos are more advantageous because of the bonus types, variations of gambling activities and free games.

Succeed in casino

Before playing casino games, learn more about their peculiarities reading casino games guide.

Game bonuses

Here are the typical bonuses available on any casino, bonuses that must be considered by players before making a decision to sign up for a certain casino:

No Deposit Bonus

This kind of bonus is only available on some casinos. The site will offer you the possibility to get some bonuses, even if you are not planning to deposit money on that certain site. However, those bonuses are rare, and the casino will impose some condition if you want to withdraw that money. Look for online casinos that are offering this kind of promotions, but don't let this be the only criteria.

Continuous Bonuses

money roll

The continuous bonuses are available on every online casino. Whether they are daily, weekly or monthly, those bonuses are the main attraction on any casino site. The daily bonus can usually be claimed on poker games online, and you will be more than thrilled to get a bonus of this kind just for being at the right table in the right moment. The weekly and the monthly bonuses are only awarded to the high rollovers; therefore, you will have to bet a lot in order to claim them.

Deposit and Withdrawal Bonuses

Every great casino must give you a signup bonus. Moreover, the majority of casinos would also give you some incentives if you are using a certain kind of depositing method. NEteller and XpressWallet are running some interesting promotions, so you could get up to 25 % bonus on your deposit if you are using one of those methods on certain sites.

Fidelity Bonuses

The Fidelity bonuses are awarded to those players that are betting the highest sums on certain casinos. Therefore, if you are only a casual player, you can never hope for those bonuses. As we are talking about thousands of dollars, you might consider this as an option. Bet more and enjoy playing online casino smart and safe, and you will surely be rewarded after a while.

Referral Bonuses

This is also an interesting bonus that can be claimed by anybody. Just give the mail of some friend to the casino. Once your friend signs up for the casino, you will discover up to 100 free dollars on your account.

Featured Bonuses

The featured bonuses are only available for the casino's partners. Those bonuses are awarded to the affiliate partners of the casinos; therefore, they can't be claimed by anybody. If you own a site, you could start promoting the casinos on it. Every new player brought by you on the site will bring you some serious money; therefore, you will be more than happy about this initiative.