Downloadable games

For more suitable online gambling, download special software on your PC and enjoy playing casino online games.

Online casino pros

Online casinos are more advantageous because of the bonus types, variations of gambling activities and free games.

Succeed in casino

Before playing casino games, learn more about their peculiarities reading casino games guide.

Blackjack odds

Don't rush to sign up with a certain casino offering blackjack just because you found a 1000% signup bonus. Don't leave it either. Open a free account, start playing blackjack, and study some strategies and guides for blackjack. Ask on blogs about every problem that you might encounter. You will find many good willing advanced players that could give you good advices. Also, don't be happy about your growing virtual bankroll. The casinos will always let you win on virtual tables, so you would consider yourself a great player. However, it is a good method to master the game before beginning your real money career.

Your first steps

Whiskey glass with cards

Open a real money account with the casino of your choice. Try to sign up with the maximum allowed fee, so you would benefit from the maximum bonus. Don't rush to the high rolling tournaments and rooms. At this moment, you have some experience, but those blackjack wolves will surely leave your pockets empty after 10 minutes. Start playing at the low stakes tables, create a brand of your own, and make sure not to be greedy.

Don't neglect the money management strategies. This must also be developed on your first real money experiences. Make sure to have money on your bankroll all the time and sign up only for those rooms suited for your budget.

Medium player's strategies

Of course, after one or two months of low stakes, you will get bored with it and you will surely want to go for the real deal. Start playing on some high rolling tables. Make sure you have a decent bankroll, and always start your games with the possibility of losing in your head. This is not a looser strategy. It is just a method to be prepared in case you lose. For the first experiences with the high rolling tables, you can be sure that this will happen often.

Advanced blackjack strategies

You won't have to force your way to the blackjack elite. Once you start to win some serious money on the medium tables, the casino will start to invite you to some high rolling tournaments. Make sure you have a solid bankroll before engaging yourself in those initiatives, and always keep a reserve on your card. The high rolling blackjack world is surely attractive, but you will also need some serious money to stay there. The proverb that is true for blackjack and for every other initiative is: Getting up is easy, staying up is the trick".