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Roulette gaming guide

There are two major types of Roulette game: American and European. The last one is more advantageous because of the single zero on the table layout which increases winning chances. According to statistics, casino's advantage from playing American roulette is 5.26% when in European roulette it is just 2.63%.

Roulette playing tips

Roulette gaming
  • At first, try to play free roulette online
  • It is more profitable to play European roulette
  • Do not rely on strategy, because roulette is mostly game of luck
  • Choose the best bets with low busting odds. Better bet on the outside bets, because they have more winning possibilities.
  • Be careful with spending money, set money limitations

Roulette betting types

All bets on the table layout are divided into inside bets that are situated in the middle of the table and outside bets along the border of the table.

Outside bets

  • Red/Black. Bet is on one of the colors.
  • Odd/Even. Bet on either even or odd number
  • High/Low. Bet will win depends on the high number (19-36) or low (1-18).
  • Dozen. Stake is made on three groups of dozen numbers (1-12,3-24, 25-36)
  • Column. Bet is made on one of the columns

Inside bets

  • Square bet. Bet is made on one of four numbers.
  • Split bet Chip is placed between two numbers. Bet will win if some of numbers hits.
  • Street bet is made on three different numbers. Player will win if some number hits.
  • Corner bet can be made on group of four different numbers.
  • Straight-up. The most popular bet, which is made on one number.

Roulette probabilities

Each of the named bets has either high or low odds. The lower are winning odds the higher are payouts. Straight up bet has the highest odd which is 36 to 1, the lowest odds have High bet, Low, Even, Odd, Black, Red - 1.01 to 1. More information you can find reading our article about roulette odds.