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Roulette odds

Before you could understand any kind of roulette strategy, you must understand the difference between inside and outside roulette bets. The inside bets are exclusively based on number betting, whether you are gambling on one or more numbers at a time. Those bets are the most risky, but they will surely bring the thrilling of the game to maximum.

The outside bets are based on colors, odd, or even numbers, small or big numbers. Although the possible winnings are lowered, you will have more chances. The ideal strategy is a combination between outside and inside bets.

Basic roulette strategies

real roulette

Take one bet at a time at the beginning of your career. If you are filling the betting roulette table with coins, it might be hard for you to understand your mistakes. Take your time to place a bet on every section of the outside table. Once you figure this kind of betting, you could start to place multiple bets. Here are some strategies developed for three or four bets at a time:

  • Bet minimum stakes on the outside section. Place 1 coin for odd numbers, 2 coins for red and 3 coins on small numbers: 1 to 18. You could also consider betting on Streets, but those kind of bets are more suited for medium experienced players
  • Place equal bets on equal odds. For example: if you are placing bets on odd/even and black/red (with odds of 1:2, use 1 or 2 coins for both bets. For bets having winning chances of 1:3, let's say (bets on Streets), you could bet 3 coins at a time. Stick with your system and improve it accordingly. Of course, you could also change a part of it if it is not so rewarding.

The European Roulette Strategy

The European Roulette has only one "0." Therefore, this kind of roulette is recommended for the beginner players. Although the casinos hosting American Roulettes are also trying to attract players by offering additional jackpots and bonuses, the system is surely harder to play. Usually, the European Roulettes also have longer rounds, so you will have more time to place your bets. Make your calculations accordingly and find the best strategy adapted to your playing system.

Check the table minimum stakes also. If you have 10 dollars on your account and the minimum entrance fee is 1 dollar, you won't be able to play for more than 10 rounds. Moreover, you might also be tempted to place multiple bets. Split your current account into 100 different parts and consider a part as your coin denomination.